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We are artists, pastors, lovers of community and the earth, partners.  We seek to use our creativity to build communities of peace and justice and inspire hope.



Spring is Coming!

The past few days have been a turning of the season. After almost 10 days of below zero weather in Minnesota, we’ve seen bright sun,

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Art with the natural world

We both love integrating our art with the natural world.  Winter is the perfect time to do that!  As you plan your spring garden, either

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Luisa & Patrick


Luisa works with watercolor and has worked on large scale painted mural projects, my true passion is creating mosaics, both large and small.

Patrick is a poet, fiction writer, and creative writing teacher published in over 70 journals and anthologies, in the United States, the UK, Ireland, and Israel.

It began to rain gently, and slowly like a little bit of weeping, not for any great loss, such as a death or the end of love in a family, but for the greatest loss, the one we are born with, the one we spend our whole lives trying to discover.

From “Cuajimalpa, Good Friday Evening”

And the new moon will wheel round the sky. And the nighthawks will hunt. And the ancestors will rise in our wounds.

From “Tomorrow”

Mosaics & Poems

They seem a bit out of place, these children with this bit of God in their hands, brilliant in white suits and dresses… their padrinos’ hands rest on their shoulders like seraphim about to strike.

From “First Communion for the Children of the Undocumented”

we glide onto water in our sea-going soul, and head for home, for parts unknown.

From “Kashapiwi”



Quitting Time

An homage to my father, who lived and loved through the trials and triumphs of the 20th century. Poems by Patrick Hansel.


Contact us for Luisa’s specific artwork or inquiries about commissions and residencies.

The Devouring Land

An exploration and celebration of immigration, struggle and joy in the city, and the gift of water. Patrick Hansel’s debut book of poems.

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