The pandemic brought blessings as well as challenges! I never thought I would say that, but it’s true. Sometimes being limited in what we are able to do makes what we can do more important and more forceful. Thanks to an Artists Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, I was able to develop […]

A Poem for Fall

DYING BACK I run the red and green push mower over the back yard one more time; less to cut what little grass remains than to chop the weed tree leaves browning up on the Creeping Charlie and crabgrass.  Tonight, we will cover the tomatoes and peppers in a quixotic hope of squeezing a few […]

A lawyer, a pastor and a saxophone player walked into…a cemetery?

A lawyer, a pastor and a saxophone player walked into…a cemetery?  What’s the punch line?  You’ll have to come to “QUITTING TIME at a Place of Endless Time”, September 18 at 4 pm at the historic Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery, East Lake Street and Cedar Ave in Minneapolis. Patrick’s 2nd book of poetry “Quitting Time” […]

The Process of Creating a Self Portrait

You can see my process of creating my self portrait. First, a layout using paper, then the creating of the basic form, followed by the picture in process, then the final work pre and post grouting. Thanks to Sandy Spieler and Lori Greene for their guidance and support!

Spring is Coming!

The past few days have been a turning of the season. After almost 10 days of below zero weather in Minnesota, we’ve seen bright sun, highs nearing 40 and the return of many birds. We are planning some open-air events in the spring (dates TBA), that will include an outdoor reading of Patrick’s book “Quitting […]

Art with the natural world

We both love integrating our art with the natural world.  Winter is the perfect time to do that!  As you plan your spring garden, either inside or outside, think about using art to complement the beauty of creation.  You may find hidden treasures in your home or neighborhood that can bring joy to the world […]

Pushcart Prize

My poem “A Day Without Immigrants” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Pirene’s Fountain Magazine.  I wrote it near the beginning of the Trump Presidency; it still is a call to consider today: A DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS You would not see M’sbeautiful smile, or hear B’scrazy laugh. The steak would beburned because D […]

Launch of “Quitting Time”

My new book of poetry will be launched at an on-line event hosted by Next Chapter Booksellers.  February 18, 7pm CST.  “Quitting Time” is an homage to my father, who lived and loved through the trials and triumphs of the 20th century.  You need to register for the zoom link: The book can be pre-ordered […]